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BookEnds began as a traditional library friends group in 1981, attaining 501(c)3 status as the Friends of the Danville Public Library, Inc.  We have always strived to help the public library in any way that we can. As BookEnds, we can now offer independent programming and outreach projects that would not directly relate to the public library. One of our goals is to connect with all libraries in the Dan River Region, including the library in Caswell County. You may be familiar with our “Book Talks” – a 40-year tradition in our region! We feel that these collaborative efforts can benefit many in our region and foster a community based on the arts, culture, and literacy. 


To meet our mission and provide services and programs to our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Without the assistance of community-minded individuals like you, we would not be able to serve those in our area. We are diligently working on our programs/events for 2022.  We are sure it will be an exciting year for all of us. 

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